Community Streetcar Coalition

Membership Benefits


As a member of the CSC, you will receive regular emails from CSC Executive Director Jeff Boothe as federal developments occur that affect the CSC. The CSC also communicates with members through its website,, and through social media.

The CSC meets in person twice a year at the following conferences. These conferences provide great opportunities for professional development and networking within the industry.

Become a Member

We would love to have you join our growing list of members! To become a part of the CSC, please visit the sign up page for instructions. Upon completing the user registration, contact us in order to finalize your membership. The four levels for annual membership are listed below:

  • $4,000 - Communities and transit authorities with existing streetcar service; private sector companies
  • $2,000 - Communities, transit authorities or business development organizations in the planning stages of a streetcar project
  • $1,250 - Smaller Private Sector companies (contact us for details).
  • $400 - Individuals

2020 Streetcar Summit

On April 26-28, 2020, we will host the eleventh Community Streetcar Summit where elected officials, project sponsors and representatives from the industry will gather in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We will hear from representatives of projects from around the country, cover topics selected by the members of the coalition, and develop legislative strategy in support of funding for streetcar projects.