February, 2024 Virtual Summit – Shared Guideways

There’s only so much space for single-occupancy, bus, rail, and streetcar vehicles in the urban core. The good news is that our dense urban areas have recently been expanding their transit choices with more modes. The bad news is that limited space makes it impossible for every mode to exist in its own separate space. Therefore, sharing of lanes, guideways, platforms, and other transit facilities is occurring more often.

Sharing can have its benefits and its challenges.  In this Virtual Summit, we’re going to hear representatives from several streetcar cities discuss the best (and worst) ways to share guideways between transit modes, and some of the lesser-known considerations around sharing (signaling requirements, operator training, and maintenance agreements).

Moderator: Gina Thomas, HDR

Speakers: Mark Dorn, Tri Met; Lauren Krutty, KC Streetcar; Alison Redenz, City of Seattle

Video archive of the Microsoft Teams meeting

February 29, 2023

Presentation Materials and Documents

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