‘Portland by Streetcar’ app offers behind-the-scenes tour of the city

Whether you take the Portland Streetcar to work or school, use it as a causal way to get around the city, or haven’t taken a ride yet – there is a new way to explore what the city has to offer while riding the lines.

“We’re going to find that people use it to get to the art museum, but also to get to find out about a city they’ve lived in for years,” said Portland Streetcar public affairs manager Andrew Plambeck.

The “Portland by Streetcar” app gives riders an interactive tour of various landmarks, historical sites, and points of interest within a three-block radius of the A loop, B loop and NS line.

Brittany Falkers, KGW-TV Portland
Image: Apple App Store


A new way to explore ‘Portland by Streetcar’ – KGW-TV Portland

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